Duct Fiber Optic Cable Laying Method

Laying is generally in urban areas, and the environment for Duct laying is better, so there is no special requirement for the sheath of the optical cable, and no armoring is required.

Before Duct cable laying, the length of the laying section and the position of the connection point must be selected. When laying, mechanical bypass or manual traction can be used. The pulling force of one pull should not exceed the allowable tension of the cable. The materials for making Ducts can be selected from concrete, asbestos cement, steel Ducts, plastic Ducts, etc. according to geography.

Its installation must meet the following requirements:


1. Before laying the optical cable, a sub-hole should be placed in the tube hole. The optical cable should always be placed in a sub-tube of the same color. The unused sub-tube orifice should be protected by a plug.

2. Considering that the laying process is all manual operation, in order to reduce the loss of optical cable joints, the Duct optical cable manufacturer should use the whole plate laying.

3. During the laying process, the traction force during laying should be minimized. The entire optical cable is laid from the middle to both sides, and personnel are arranged for each manhole to assist in the middle traction.

4. The interface between the hand hole inner Duct and the plastic textile mesh Duct is wrapped with PVC tape to avoid infiltration of sediment.

5. When the optical cable is installed in the human (hand) hole, if there is a supporting plate in the hand hole, the optical cable is fixed on the supporting plate. If there is no supporting plate in the hand hole, the optical cable should be fixed on the expansion bolt. The hook mouth is required to be downward.

6. The cable outlet hole should not be bent within 15 cm.

7. Plastic signs are used in each hand hole and on the optical cable and ODF frame of the computer room to show the difference.

8. Optical cable ducts and power ducts must be separated by at least 8cm thick concrete or 30cm thick compacted soil layer.

Post time: Apr-15-2022

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