What’s the difference between OPGW & ADSS?

ADSS optical cable and OPGW optical cable are often used in communication nowadays. Do you know what are the characteristics and functions between them the same? Many people don’t know much about this aspect of knowledge. In fact, there are many similarities and differences between them and their connections. Their functions have played an important role in the development of communications. Let’s take a look at the differences between the ADSS optical cable and the OPGW optical cable.


The difference between ADSS and OPGW cable lies in their difference of structural and characteristics

I. Structural

ADSS Cable OPGW Cable
1. The optical fiber in the casing is a loose sleeve structure 1. optical fiber unit (stainless steel tube, aluminum clad stainless steel tube)
2. Cable core structure is layer stranded 2. metal monofilaments (aluminum clad steel, aluminum alloy) peripheral strengthening
3. The stranding mode is SZ stranding
4. The outer sheath has the function of anti-electric corrosion
5. The main force bearing component is aramid yarn

II. Characteristics

ADSS Cable opgw cable
1. The periphery of the aramid yarn is strengthened, and the elasticity is good, and the fiber will not be injured when the fiber is shot at a distance of about 10 meters. 1. All metal
2.No metal, anti-electromagnetic interference, lightning protection, strong electromagnetic field resistance 2. Excellent mechanical and environmental performance
3. Excellent mechanical and environmental performance 3. It has good matching with the ground wire, and the mechanical and electrical properties are almost the same
4. Light weight and convenient construction 4. Realize optical fiber communication, while shunting short-circuit current to guide lightning current.
5. Utilize existing poles and towers to save line construction costs
6. It can be erected with power to reduce the loss caused by power outage
7. It is independent of the power line and convenient for maintenance
8. It is a self-supporting optical cable, no auxiliary hanging cables such as hanging wires are required


The characteristics and functions of ADSS cables and OPGW cable are different. They are designed to meet different communication installation requirements, so they can be used in different occasions







Post time: Nov-23-2022

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