What Is The Difference Between GYFTZY And ADSS Cable?

GYFTZY (non-metal flame-retardant fiber optic cable) is strictly not a special fiber optic cable for our power fiber optic cable. But when our power optical cable line enters the substation, the substation has strong current occasions, and the requirements for lightning protection and flame retardancy are very high. Therefore, it is necessary to use non-metallic materials and good flame retardant optical cables. GYFTZY non-metal flame-retardant optical cable is generally used.

Some people may think that ADSS all-dielectric self-supporting optical cable can be used instead of FYFTZY. According to the use conditions of ADSS all-dielectric self-supporting optical cable, it is also suitable for lightning areas and strong current areas. However, compared with GYFTZY non-metal flame-retardant optical cable, the cost is High, not cost-effective.

The difference between GYFTZY optical cable and ADSS optical cable:
GYFTZY optical cable mainly refers to non-metallic optical cable, which has the characteristics of water blocking and flame retardant.
ADSS optical cable is an all-dielectric self-supporting optical cable. It determines the maximum lift value it can withstand according to the installed span, local wind speed, icing conditions, and installation sag.
ADSS structure design: There is no metal material in its structure. It is suitable for lightning areas and high-voltage areas. It is simple to install and has a higher cost compared to other ordinary optical cables. Generally used in areas that are not easy to lay, cross-lake, cross-river installation, etc.
GYFTZY fiber optic cable and ADSS fiber optic cable have certain similarities in use, and they can be used for substation entry guidance. The price of fiber optic cable is not much different. So the specific use depends on the selection and design of the design institute.

Post time: Feb-25-2022

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