ADSS fiber optical cable

What is ADSS  fiber cable?
ADSS (All-dielectric Self-supporting) optical fibre cable is atype of self-supporting aerial fiber optic cable designed for aerial installation and deployment and is suitable for various outdoor applications.


ADSS Cable Feature
ADSS cable has the characteristics of full dielectric, no metal, non-conductivity, small cable diameter, high tensile force, low linear expansion

ADSS cable is designed to be lightweight and small in diameter to reduce the load on tower structures due to cable weight, wind, and ice. In the design of the cable, the internal glass optical fibers are supported with little or no strain, to maintain low optical loss throughout the life of the cable.

Applications of ADSS cables
ADSS cable was developed from a military lightweight rugged deployable (LRD) field cable. With the continuous improvements, it is now used for short span aerial installations—typically on roadside power distribution poles. Since the ADSS cable is non-metallic, it is ideal for applications near high-voltage power distribution lines for which it has become a standard. Using single mode fibers and light wavelengths of either 1310 nm or 1550 nm, circuits up to 100 km long are possible without repeaters. Usually, ADSS was used in 48 and 96 core

In addition, ADSS fiber cable is also suited to single-point suspension applications such as down mine shafts or any application where the product has to support either a higher load than conventional terrestrial cable or a permanent or varying tensile load that is applied through the outer sheath. What’s more, ADSS can withstand the worst-case combinations of extreme weather, ice load, and wind environments, guaranteeing reliable communications in outdoor situations.

Post time: Nov-22-2022

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