GDTS Hybrid Optical and Electrical Stranded Loose Tube Cable For 4 8 12 24 48 96 core


GDTS Fiber Optic Cable is a type of fiber optic cable that contains eight loose tubes stranded around the FRP sheath. Consequently, GDTS Fiber

Optic Cable contains a PSP steel belt which is longitudinally applied on the inner part. Thought this type of fiber cable lacks a metallic central part,

it is strong and can’t break easily.

  • Place Of Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Product Name: Military/Tactical Fiber Optic Cable
  • Fiber Count: 2-12 Core Optional
  • Armored: Kevlar+amored
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    Single-mode/multimode fibres are housed in loose tubes that are made of high-modulus plastic and filled with tube filling compound. In the center of cable is a metallic strength member. The tubes and copper wires (of required specifications) are stranded around the central strength member to form a cable core. The core is filled with cable filling compound and armored with corrugated steel tape. Then, a PE sheath is extruded.​
    • Accurate process control ensuring good mechanical and temperature performances
    • Optical and electrical hybrid design, solving the problem of power supply and signal transmission and providing the centralized monitoring and maintenance of power for equipment
    • Improving manageability of power and reducing coordination and maintenance of power supply
    • Reducing procurement costs and saving construction costs
    • Mainly used to connect BBU and RRU in DC remote power supply system for distributed base station
    • Applicable to duct and aerial installations
    Technical Characteristics:
    Type O.D.(mm) Weight(Kg/km) Tensile strengthLong/short term (N) CrushLong/short term(N/100mm) Structure
    GDTS-02-24Xn+2×1.5 11.6 157 600/1500 300/1000 Structure I
    GDTS-02-24Xn+2×2.5 12.5 190 600/1500 300/1000 Structure I
    GDTS-02-24Xn+2×4.0 14.6 241 600/1500 300/1000 Structure II
    GDTS-02-24Xn+2×5.0 15.0 282 600/1500 300/1000 Structure II
    GDTS-02-24Xn+2×6.0 15.7 300 600/1500 300/1000 Structure II
    GDTS-02-24Xn+2×8.0 16.9 383 600/1500 300/1000 StructureII


    1.Only a part of Aerial/Duct/Direct Buried/UnderGround/Armoured cables are listed in the table. Cables with other specifications can be inquired.
    2.Cables can be supplied with a range of single mode or multimode fibers.
    3.Specially designed Cable structure is available on request.

    Packaging Details:

    1-5KM per roll. Packed by wooden drum. Other packing available according to client`s Request.

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  • Packaging Details:

    1-5KM per roll. Packed by steel drum . Other packing available according to client`s Request.

    Sheath Mark:

    The following printing(white hot foil indentation)is applied at 1meter intervals. a. Supplier: Guanglian or as customer required; b. Standard Code(Product Type, Fiber Type,Fiber Count); c. Year of manufacture: 7 years; d. Length marking in meters.



    Lead Time:
    Quantity(KM) 1-300 ≥300
    Est.Time(Days) 15 To be begotiated!

    The Packing standard and details as above is estimated and final size & weight shall be confirmed before shipment.  


     The cables are packed in carton, coiled on Bakelite & steel drum. During transportation, right tools should be used to avoid damaging the package and to handle with ease. Cables should be protected from moisture,kept away from high temperature and fire sparks,protected from over bending and crushing,protected from mechanical stress and damage.

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